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Take up the opportunity to Cage Dive with the Great White Shark, perfect for the greatest thrill-seeker! The Great White Shark Cage Dive will take place at Gansbaai in Western Cape, South Africa, a popular fishing town, known for its dense population of the Great White Shark, which makes a great place to whale-watch. You will spend four hours out on sea with equipment including a 7mm wetsuit. During your wait you can enjoy watching sharks topside. Once the skipper has decided on the best location, you will enter the water via the cage – a 36 ft catamaran with all the latest electronic and safety equipment. The cage can hold 4-5 people at a time allowing you to have a personal and unique diving experience.

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When is the best time to see the Great White Shark Cage Dive?

If you and your partner are an adrenalin junkie and plan to visit South Africa, a close encounter with a great white shark should definitely be on your honeymoon list. The best time to visit the great white sharks in Gainsbaai is throughout the year, as South Africa is known for its great white shark population. Although the water visibility is clear and at its best between May to August during the winter times. Around this time you will get to see large numbers of white sharks as well as other marine species such as the southern right humpback whale, cape fur seals, African penguins and bottle nosed dolphins. The weather is a big factor when spotting the sharks so check in advance as it can get cancelled if the weather conditions are bad.

All about the Great White shark in South Africa?

Great white sharks are found in temperate regions around the world, in winter also in subtropical and tropical areas. Therefore, Western Cape in South Africa is one of the best places to spot the great white sharks. They are the world’s largest predatory fish and the ocean’s apex predators, reaching up to 6 meters in length. Their primary source of prey are the Cape fur seals, luckily, there are about 50,000 seals living in the area of Gansbaai as well as the four other areas like False Bay and Dyer island. Even though there is no denying that the marine species is dangerous, it is an exhilarating experience for all adrenaline junkies.

What to bring on this tour? 

If your are considering this tour, make sure to bring a windproof jacket and a swimsuit to wear underneath your wetsuit, which is provided by the tour. Warm clothes and a towel are also essential for after the diving as it can be quite chilly in the South African water with temperatures of up to 14 to 16°C in winter and 19 to 23°C in Summer. Also, don’t forget to being motion sickness medication just in case you feel seasick and a camera to capture the shark moments while you are there.

What is included on the tour? 

On board sandwiches and drinks are included and once the tour has finished you will be taken back to the harbour where you will be treated to soup and breads at the White Shark Lodge

Are you interested in adding the Great White Shark cage dive into your itinerary? Contact us to learn more on 0121 440 6268!

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