The English winter is a wonderful time to set your sights on a paradisiacal honeymoon. With plenty of scorching destinations from the picture perfect island escape to the expansive all inclusive resort nestled in the Caribbean. January is one of the most popular times to book a honeymoon, as this month is simply blessed by a whole plethora of beautiful locations with simply splendid weather. January’s stand out performers are the Maldives, the Caribbean and vast countries in Asia like Vietnam and Thailand. Read on to reveal our top where to honeymoon January destinations.


In the Maldives most honeymoon goers opt for a beautiful over-water villa, and this combined with glorious low humidity and long hours of sunshine create a romantic setting. Combine this stunning scenery with magnificent culture and fascinating food and there you’ve got the complete package. January is firmly in the Maldives’ dry season and you can expect far less rain fall than you’d get by having a honeymoon later in the year.

Recommended Resort – Kuramathi

A dream island resort that infuses a blend of the contemporary with age old traditions of Maldivian culture. Nestled around nothing but the warm currents of the Indian Ocean,  Kuramathi is the escape of a lifetime for newly weds.



The Caribbean remains an iconic destination for just married couples and January is a great time to travel being well clear of any hurricane season. Plenty of hours worth of sunshine, a pleasant sea breeze and settled temperatures of 30 degrees are all things to look forward to in the Carribean. Places like Barbados and Granada provide especially nice conditions, which are highly suited to either a honeymoon of adventure or relaxation.


Barbados has a flawless coastline, which for spans 70 miles boasting many majestic beaches. With its laid-back culture and caring population, Barbados is a nation well accustomed to the art of fine living. Off the coast you’ll see a beautiful turquoise ocean with miraculous visibility, and as you head to a shallow bay you can get up close and personal with all the marine life. Barbados still has its colonial influences whilst adhering to its traditional roots, creating a fantastic blend of British and Caribbean culture.

Recommended Resort – Sandals Barbados

Sandals Barbados focuses solely on couples to inspire the most romantic of honeymoons, that are naturally filled with adventure. An accommodation with world class facilities and all inspiring scenery goes along way to making your dream a reality. Sandals Barbados is a brand new 5 star resort which is renowned as one of the most luxurious hotels in the Caribbean.



Also excelling with good weather and fortune is Grenada. Commonly known throughout the world as Spice Island, Grenada is a tiny nation island covered in tropical forestry and gleaming white sand. St George’s is the bustling capital of Grenada, which is the home to spectacular nightspots and fine local cuisine. Exploration is at the heart of Grenada’s appeal and this stretches to the surrounding ocean as well as its dense forests. Famous for its spice plantations and rum distilleries, Grenada is an integral part of the history and proud traditions of the Caribbean and it is a more than worthy honeymoon location.

Recommended Resort – Calabash Grenada

Calabash Grenada is a stone throw away from the airport situated on the south coast. A beautifully appointed hotel, with suits laid out in a simple but classic horseshoe design, fronting the beach. Surrounded by an acre of lush tropical gardens Calabash Grenada is an exceptional Caribbean resort, which carefully enhances the spirit of Grenada.



Vietnam is astonishing. There are unimaginable amounts of uninterrupted landscape in Vietnam, as well as magical cities bursting with culture. During January, Vietnam returns to form, meaning that beach weather normally blesses the country. The glorious beaches add to the already spectacular amount of tourist attractions, like the Son Doong cave (the worlds biggest). Slightly cooler weather persists in North Vietnam throughout the month, but January is still a dry month wherever you go in the country.

Recommended Resort. – Banyan Tree Lang Co.

Relaxing in the privacy of a Vietnamese styled pool whilst exploring the captivating views of the East sea and Truong San mountains is all made possible by the glorious Banyan Tree Lang Co.


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