Travel Insurance Explained for your honeymoon

At Honeymoon Dreams, we like to make sure that you are well equipped with the right information when it comes to your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon and that includes the added benefits that we offer with our Honeymoon Concierge service, including the right information when it comes to understanding travel insurance, and thanks to Travel Insurance Explained, they’ve given us some fab tips when it comes to your honeymoon.

Travel Insurance Explained is a campaign that aims to help people understand travel insurance. By helping customers understand insurance better, Travel Insurance Explained gives customers the tools they need to ensure they get the most appropriate policy and understand how travel insurance works in clear and simple English. Travel Insurance Explained is brought to you by tifgroup, a top 5 UK travel insurer.

Joe and Ellie, in the video below, are here to show you what a worst-case scenario might look like and also what to look out for when buying your policy.

Joe and Ellie from Travel Insurance Explained, have tied the knot and are jetting off for the honeymoon of a life time… if they don’t miss their flight!

Honeymoons should be stress free. After spending months planning a wedding, avoiding sugary treats and trying not to throw bridal magazines at your new mother-in-law, you deserve that much needed getaway.

With some newlyweds dreaming of romantic candlelit dinners, picturesque scenery and champagne on tap, like Joe and Ellie, and others itching to parasail down mountains, discover ancient ruins and get up close to exotic wildlife, it can be difficult to decide where to honeymoon.

Whatever you plan to do, you want your honeymoon to be perfect, and by ensuring you have the correct travel insurance, you and your significant other can jet off into the sunset with peace of mind that, should you have a Joe and Ellie moment, you’ll be protected.

Travel Insurance Explained gives customers the tools they need to ensure they get the most appropriate policy and help reduce disputed claims, which increases customer satisfaction. It’s important to know that price isn’t the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right policy for you and Travel Insurance Explained aims to help you understand those policies in simple terms.

You can find out more information about Travel Insurance Explained here.