Travel Insurance Explained: Be insured for honeymoon activities

Planning to see as much marine life as possible on your honeymoon?

Who said a honeymoon has to be spent lounging in the sun? Certainly not us…

Many newlyweds are now using their honeymoon to tick off activities on their bucket list, and what better way to tackle your fears and make incredible memories than with the one you love? From sky diving to scuba diving, adventure has no limits – just make sure you have the correct cover.

Whilst some travel insurance companies will offer to cover a limited number of activities as standard, most will allow you to add on those that are a little riskier for an additional premium. The guys at Travel Insurance Explained recommend you check the height or depth restrictions of each activity, for example some policies will cover hiking and mountaineering up to 1000m above sea level as standard but charge an additional premium if you plan on venturing higher. Likewise, Scuba Diving with a guide down to 30m may be covered but any deeper would require you to pay extra. It is also worth checking if your policy will allow you to add on activities whilst you’re away – that way if you make any spontaneous decisions, you will be covered.

peru honeymoon packages - travel insurance explained Hike the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu in Peru!

Scuba Diving is an experience you and your partner will never forget. Almost three quarters of the earth is made up of water, giving you the perfect opportunity to swim with some of the world’s beautiful sea life, explore vibrant coral reefs and even take your diving certificate. It is always recommended to book a guide to take you into the open waters – they will teach you how to dive, emerge and make the most of your time spent underwater, as well as be able to assist if you or your partner find yourself getting into trouble.

If you and your significant other are not big fans of going underwater there are plenty of excursions that will give you the opportunity to spot whales, turtles, dolphins, rays and even sharks without having to put a toe in the water. Some boats will offer glass bottoms so you can catch a glimpse of the sea life below, whilst others will have on-deck dining so you and your partner can enjoy a romantic meal watching the dolphins play in the sunset.

kandolhu island - luxury maldives honeymoon packages - travel insurance explained

Kandolhu Island in the Maldives is a snorkeling playground with its own house reef!

Whichever activities you decide to do, it is worth doing a bit of research beforehand to make sure your chosen destination is able to offer the excursions you are after. It may also be a good idea to pre-book activities as you don’t want to be left disappointed if the company is fully booked when you arrive!

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