The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons

If you’re looking for a perfect honeymoon retreat during winter but want to leave the cold weather behind, this guide will help you decide on which is the best destination for a winter sun honeymoon…

1) Costa Rica

The extraordinary Central American volcanic and tree-covered gem is famous for its honeymoon getaways since it offers couples serene and intimate ambience. Explore the wonderful creatures hiding in the dense rainforest and the astonishing marine life in the crystal waters of the ocean. Even though the country is small, Costa Rica presents a huge variety of activities and lush environments.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog Costa Rica

2) Australia

November is the ideal month for you to spend your honeymoon in Australia because the temperatures are comfortably high so you can make the most of your romantic retreat. Australia offers something to match anyone’s tastes, ranging from surfing and pristine beaches to extraordinary wildlife and mountain ranges. You can also indulge in the country’s rich culture and history in the iconic city of Sydney, especially the Sydney Opera House.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog Australia

3) Thailand

Whether you are looking to revel in the vibrant city life of Bangkok or the laid-back lifestyle of Pai, you will definitely leave Thailand craving more. For adventure seekers there is the unique experience of exploring the jungle-adorned mountains and national parks. For couples seeking deep relaxation, Thailand provides the stunning shores of Koh Samui, Koh Mak and Koh Kradan.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog Thailand

4) Maldives

An obvious choice for a winter sun honeymoon destination is the Maldives with its long sunny days, soft sands and crystal clear waters. By travelling to this gorgeous country you are promised a lifetime experience of the true nature of luxurious island life. Even though it is one the pricey side of holidays, it is absolutely worthwhile since it is to this day one of the most popular places for honeymooners. The picturesque spot offers a plethora of opulent accommodations, all scattered along the coastline of the North and South atolls and lush activities, exclusively selected for couples.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog Maldives

5) Tenerife

Whichever direction you take to explore the wonders Spain’s Tenerife, you will be met by thrilling adventures and warm, friendly hospitality. Head north and relish the magnificent sea caves, geranium-lined footpaths and remote villages. Or take the opposite route and indulge in manicures beaches and fun inspired activities. On the east side you will find the vibrant little resort of Puerto de la Cruz, featuring authentic Spanish atmosphere and vivid Continental culture.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog Tenerife

6) Morocco

Morocco is soaked with just as much vibrancy and presents a wide variety of honeymoon spots within itself. You can either discover the charming medina of Marrakech and the Sahara or the snow-sprinkled Atlas mountains. Embark on the mystic journey that features a blend of Berber, Arabic and European styles and explore the wild Atlantic coast and sand-swept kasbahs.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog Morocco

7) South Africa

Adventure seeking honeymoon couples will find a huge selection of nature and culture based activities in the sunny lands of South Africa. Discover the country’s wonderful beaches and mountains or unwind in the beautiful vineyards and taste fantastic local wine. The ideal time to venture in these serene lands is either December or January and it’s highly recommended to stay in the charming Capups Bay so as to experience the most of South Africa with majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog South Africa

8) Cambodia

Providing a lush mix of authentic buoyance and extraordinary culture and history, Cambodia is yet another amazing honeymoon destination during the winter months, offering sunny and warm days. You can either explore the bustling and vivid capital Phnom Penh or unwind in the less busy traditional towns and villages, which will enrich your knowledge of Cambodia’ local values. In addition, you can visit the soft white sands of the county’s lavish coastline and stay at one of the luxurious resorts, adorning the pristine beaches, featuring long relaxing days and excellent spa facilities.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog Cambodia

9) Mexico

Mexico has it all to create the perfect honeymoon holiday with the fine mixture of sun, sand, surf, local cuisine, extraordinary culture and signature beverages. You should head down south to revel in an ultimate laid-back getaway by lounging in serene surroundings by the pool or ocean. Or maybe visit the lively Mexico City and get lost in the narrow streets, adorned by magnificent historical and cultural sites. One thing is certain, wherever you go, you will leave this lovely country utterly charmed and sun-kissed.

The Best Winter Sun Honeymoons Blog Mexico