12 Amazing Honeymoon Experiences

Get the most out of your honeymoon with our top 12 experiences every couple should do on their honeymoon or romantic holiday. Whether you love to be adventurous or simply love to relax, we have conjured some pretty lovely experiences you can enjoy together. We would love to know which ones you would love to do, or share your own experiences in our comments section below.

Xel-Ha, Cancun

Take a river tour where you’ll adventure through the depths of the underground caves and back through the river. Find multicoloured fish and impressive views of the vegetation while taking a relaxing ride enjoying the scenery.

If you feel you want to get more of a thrill on the tour you can find activities such as the Cliff of Courage, The Jump of the Monkey or snorkeling through the river.

For a truly romantic experience, visit the Maya Cave, the further you swim into the cave the more the waters reveal their history through lightning and acoustics of the cave. You will find yourself truly relaxed and calm while taking in the magic of the caves with their spiritual properties.

12 Amazing Honeymoon Experiences - Cancun

Gondola Ride, Venice

There’s nothing more romantic than hopping on a Gondola ride for a picturesque ride through the colourful city of Venice. Take your Gondola ride as the sunset approaches for a spectacular view.

Island Tour to visit the Animal Flower Cave, Barbados

Take an island tour where you will see the magnificent Animal Flower Cave on the coast of Barbados. There are multiple openings into the cave from the ocean. The Animal Flower cave is surrounded by lush blue sea; inside you can see the formations that have appeared over time. If you’re lucky, you may see a lizard or turtle as you explore deeper. From the cliffs around the cave you can take in the spectacular the views of the northern coast of Barbados.

Make A wish At Trevi Fountain, Rome

The Trevi Fountain can be found in the heart of Rome and this famous fountain has appeared in several films throughout the years. Thousands of people visit this local attraction as the landmark holds a legend, that if you flip a coin into the fountain you are guaranteed a return. Twenty One Hotel is only a 17 minute drive from here.

12 Amazing Honeymoon Experiences - TREVI FOUNTAIN ROME

Marine Habitat Exhibits at Atlantis, Bahamas

Find delightful discoveries at the collection of Marine Exhibits in Atlantis Bahamas. Choose from 14 different areas to explore such as the dig, where you can see exotic sea creatures in their habitat through the 11,000 year-old lost continent. The predator lagoon is your chance to come face to face with sharks, barracuda and sawfish. Turtle lovers will enjoy the Hibiscus Lagoon as this is home to green sea and hawksbill turtles, during feeding times guest can have to opportunity to feed the turtles and touch them.

Go on a hot air balloon ride at Governors Main Camp, Kenya

The hot air balloon ride at Governors Main Camp starts just before dawn and as you’re floating through the sky you will see the first hint of colour forming into the ski as the day begins to start. The ride lasts about an hour and you will experience views from the Masai Mara. Catch a glimpse of nature from above where you can spot elephants and zebras going about their day. Once you land you’ll be toasted with some champagne and ten you’ll be treated to breakfast to compliment your ride.

12 things do experience on your honeymoon - luxury travel blog - hot air balloon ride with dinner

12 things do experience on your honeymoon - luxury travel blog - hot air balloon ride

Grand Canyon, Las Vegas

Take a tour through the Grand Canyon where spectacular views meet expectations. Head on a west tour and you’ll get go on the skywalk after landing from a helicopter transfer, here you can get up close to the walls of the Canyon and make your way down to the bottom at the river. At the river, you can enjoy many water excursions with amazing views.

Enjoy The Views From the Empire State Building, New York City

Get the best views of the city by visiting the Empire State building for a romantic add-on to your honeymoon. To learn a little history on the Empire State Building, head to the 80th floor to see the Dare To Dream Exhibition where you can discover more to the building and even see early sketches of the building.

Go on an Apsara Dinner Cruise in Bangkok

Gaze at the amazing lights of Bangkok on the Apsara Dinner Cruise where you will pass Wat Arun Temple, Grand Palace and the Golden Rama VIIII Bridge via the Chao Phraya River. This excursion is organised by Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel.

Enjoy a sunset dinner on the beach in Maldives

Honeymooning in Maldives is every couple’s dream, surrounded by white beaches and turquoise lagoons create the perfect romantic backdrop. There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a romantic dinner on the beach while watching the sky form magical colours as you day comes to an end. Some of the resorts you can dine on the beach at include:  Velassaru Resort, Centara Ras Fushi, Six senses Laamu and Kandolhu Island Resort.

12 things do experience on your honeymoon - luxury travel blog - sunset beach dinner

Climb Mount Agung, Bali

Scale Bali’s holy mountain to catch an amazing view of the sunset. Although the highest point of the mountain offers impressive views of Bali, this is quite a trek and there are amazing views no matter what height you can climb.

Go Stargazing On Hawaii Island

Stargazing is at its best from sea level, spend a romantic evening with your loved one while gazing at the night sky. The equipment used to view the incredible stars is well optimized so you can experience the astronomy world through your own eyes.

Visit Red Beach in Santorini, Greece

For a beach experience like no other, head to Santorini and visit their Red Beach, located in the Akrotiri area. The beach is known for it’s red stretch of sand and is surrounded by sandy coloured cliffs. The blue sea is crystal clear, making this beach a wonderful hotspot for couples to relax and enjoy the unique views of the Red Beach.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is the biggest building in Dubai, however if you want to travel up higher then you might want to go on a hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Travel up high with amazing views of the Arabian Desert and Canyons for a truly unforgettable time on your honeymoon.

12 Amazing Honeymoon Experiences - Dubai

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