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Couples with a penchant for off piste activities will likely love a honeymoon ride on Battambang’s bamboo train. Essentially a rustic bamboo pallet on wheels, this rustic form of transport was originally hand-propelled along a series of rail tracks, with a small engine now powering things along.

Known in Khmer as a ‘nori’, the bamboo train is a novel way of viewing the pretty Battambang landscape. Climb aboard and take a seat on top of handmade straw mats, holding on tight as your ride speeds up to almost 40 kilometres an hour! Bask beneath the Cambodian sun as the wind rushes through your hair and you whizz along through lush undergrowth, glimpsing vast fields and native wildlife as you advance through the Cambodian countryside.

Bamboo Train In Battambang

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Noris have no brakes, so there’s an element of unadulterated adventure to your ride. Enjoy the resulting buzz of adrenaline as you eventually come to a traditional village around an hour from your starting point. There’s time to take a few souvenir snapshots and soak up the charming atmosphere before completing the return trip along this one-way rail line.

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