Oahu, otherwise known as ‘the gathering place’ is home to Hawaii’s largest population. It’s the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is charactered by a blend of historical traditions with modern trends, which creates an artistically diverse and interesting place to visit. Oahu is home to the  typical Hawaiian scenery you’d expect – expansive white sands beaches, crystal blue oceans, and palm-tree-lined pathways – so you’ll certainly be living the Hawaiian dream on your honeymoon here.

On Oahu, Hawaii’s timeless beauty blends with the modern luxuries of today. Swim in the warm waters of world-famous Waikiki one moment, then enjoy the dramatic mountain views of the Nuuanu Pali Lookout another. Watch the surfers on the legendary North Shore by day, then dance the night away in vibrant nightlife spots around Honolulu.

The beaches are a major feature of Oahu and draw tourists to the island from around the world – especially for its great ocean weaves. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxed afternoon sunbathing on the sand, thrilling water activities, or a romantic sunset experience with your new spouse, you’re sure to find a spot that ticks the boxes. Waikiki beach is certainly the most famous beach of them all, in which you can try out a whole host of water sports including snorkelling, canoeing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, parasailing – the list goes on.

Once you’ve experienced ocean sports, there are also plenty of activities to enjoy on land to keep your adrenaline rushing. Spend an afternoon trekking to the top of the volcanic crater of Leahi, or take a morning walk along the Ala Moana beach park. Pick up your golf clubs to score your hole in one of the island’s top golf courses or envision yourself in a Hollywood movie by riding on a horse through the lush green fields.

As for nightlife? The capital of Hawaii – Honolulu – is where the party’s at. It won’t be long until you find entertainment that’s just up your street. The city is considered one of the hottest nightlife spots in the world, so put on your dancing shoes and get the cocktails flowing until the early hours.

What is the currency in Oahu?

The national currency in Oahu is the U.S. dollar

How long does it take to fly out to Oahu? 

It takes approximately 20 hours and 45 minutes to fly from London to Oahu

What is the time difference in Oahu?

GMT +11 hours

When is the best time to visit Oahu?

If you’re keen to stay away from the crowds, the best times to visit Oahu are between April to June (before the start of the busy Hawaiian Summer) and the winter months between September to December. Due to its tropical climate, you’re guaranteed good weather regardless of the time of year you visit.

What language is spoken in Oahu?

The native language in Oahu is Hawaiian

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Oahu has a tropical climate, with temperatures remaining steady throughout the year and sunshine hours unchanged. There are also only two seasons – winter and summer. Winter temperatures reach highs of 25 degrees during January and February and very slowly escalate to 30 degrees during the summer months of August and September.

24°c 24°c 24°c 24°c 25°c 24°c 26°c 26°c 27°c 26°c 25°c 24°c
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Month Temperature
Jan 24°c
Feb 24°c
Mar 24°c
Apr 24°c
May 25°c
Jun 24°c
Jul 26°c
Aug 26°c
Sep 27°c
Oct 26°c
Nov 25°c
Dec 24°c