Zika Free Honeymoons

With the warnings about the dangers of Zika Virus, planning your honeymoon to avoid these destinations can be a little overwhelming as there is so much information to take in. At Honeymoon Dreams, we’ve made it easier for you to narrow down your choices for your Zika free honeymoon.

What is Zika Virus?

The Zika Virus is a virus transmitted by mosquitos, which typically causes asymptomatic or mild infection, such as a fever and rash. For most people it’s a very mild infection and isn’t harmful.

However, it may be more serious for pregnant women as there is evidence that it causes birth defects, in particular, abnormally small heads (microcephaly). Zika doesn’t occur in the UK and outbreaks have been reported in the Pacific Islands, South and Central America, Caribbean, Africa and parts of south and Southeast Asia.

If you are planning to travel on your honeymoon in the areas that has Zika Virus, we advise to seek travel health advice before your trip.

If you are pregnant it is recommended that you should:

  • Postpone non-essential travel to areas high risk of Zika
  • Consider postponing non-essential travel to areas at moderate risk of Zika virus transmission until after pregnancy

If you are trying to get pregnant

It is recommended that you avoid becoming pregnant while travelling to an area with high or moderate risk of the Zika Virus transmission and for 8 weeks after you return home. If you have experienced Zika Virus symptoms within 2 weeks of returning home it is recommended that you wait 8 weeks after full recovery before trying to get pregnant.

If your male partner has travelled to an area with Zika Virus you should use effective contraception to prevent pregnancy and sexual transmissions.


These measures should be taken during travel and for 6 months:

  • After start of symptoms (if he does experience Zika symptoms or a Zika virus infection has been confirmed by a doctor)
  • Following his return home (if he has no Zika symptoms)

Zika Free Honeymoons

Below are our most popular honeymoon destinations, which are all free of the Zika Virus and low risk areas, so you can enjoy a stress free honeymoon in a stunning destination.


Cape Town





Abu Dhabi




Hong Kong

Australasia & South Pacific


New Zealand



Europe is free of Zika Virus and if you’re looking for a minimoon after you get married you have a wide range of stunning destinations to choose from including Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Croatia and much more.

Indian Ocean



Sri Lanka

United Sates

Los Angeles

Las Vegas

New york

San Francisco


Destinations that are ‘Low Risk’ of Zika Virus


French Polynesia

Cayman Islands

Chile (Easter Islands)

Cook Islands

Texas, USA

For more information about Zika Virus and the affected destinations please visit here for information on Zika and your health please visit the NHS website. Keep updated with Zika Free honeymoon destinations here.