If planning a honeymoon to the sun-kissed and cultural Bali, then the first thing you’ll need to decide on is when to go. Bali is an overall good year-round destination with tropical climate throughout the year and experiencing two distinct seasons, with pleasant temperatures ranging between 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. It has good weather during the dry season of April to September with least rain and low humidity, making it the perfect destination for newlyweds to relax and unwind. Best to escape to the rainforests and beaches of Ubud or Nusa Dua as it is slightly cooler. However, Bali has more tropical rainfall during the rainy season with high humidity which starts from October to March. Below is a month-by-month summary of when to visit Bali on your romantic getaway for two.


January is probably not the best time to whisk away on your honeymoon to Bali, as it the wettest month depending on the area. Expect sunny warm days interrupted by tropical downpours during the day. However, in the higher regions near the volcanoes like Mount Batur and Mount Agung, temperatures can be cooler and drop to 10-15 degrees Celsius at night. So don’t forget your umbrellas and ponchos if you’re planning on exploring the popular destinations of Bali.


On the Island of the Gods, the rainy season continues in February but expect hot and humid temperatures and glorious sunny days. Depending on the area, temperatures consisting of 26 degrees Celsius, you and your loved one can still spend your days chilling by the pool and the beautiful golden beaches of Bali. It makes a very popular winter sun destination for two.


During the months of March, temperatures start to rise increasing to an average of 27 degrees Celsius making it the ideal time to escape to this hidden honeymooners paradise.  With plenty of sunshine and visibility improved take advantage of the water sport activities on offer like white water rafting along Ayung River or explore the several archaeological sites of Ubud like the Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave).


April marks the beginning of dry season in Bali making it the best time for romantic couples or honeymooners to visit this cultural island. Sunny days have arrived and wet season comes to an end therefore make sure to pack light and cool clothing. Rainfall drops and Humidity levels start to go down so you and your loved one can explore the iconic sites of Bali or hit the beaches in certain areas like Seminyak or Sanur. It’s a particularly good time to go for a swim in the sea or surfing as water temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius.


Get ready to enjoy one of the best months of Bali, with May being the hottest month with sunny days and lush looking jungles and rice paddies. Temperatures averaging a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and the island not as overly busy, there are many cultural Balinese celebrations around this time like the Ramadan festival and the Waisak Day. If you are interested in exploring the island on your romantic honeymoon, instead of being part of local cultural celebrations, Bali has a lot to offer such as excellent diving, surfing and mountain trekking.


With longer sunny days and clear blue skies, June is the driest month of the year. However, as it is high season, you won’t be the only ones in search of beautiful sunsets, golden beaches and thrilling water sports. Expect the island to get busier and witness a number of tourists especially in the most popular areas like Ubud and Seminyak. June is also the month of the annual Bali Arts festival which is held from the second Saturday of the month through to the second Saturday of July each year.


July is a popular time of year as school holidays start approaching, therefore making it the busiest time in Bali. So if you are looking for a romantic escape to Bali in July make sure you book way in advance as many beach hotels and tours especially in Ubud and Seminyak will be crowded and availability will be low. However, the weather is amazing with an average of 4 days of rain and humidity levels of 60%.


Like July, August is at its peak in season with tourists growing in large numbers. It is probably worth heading to the North or central Ubud regions as the south coast beach resorts and tours are pretty crowded around this time. Although it is the one of the busiest months in Bali paradise, the tropical weather is great with low rainfall, cool breeze and hot temperatures that average 27 degrees Celsius. We would suggest to book way in advance if you are looking to head to the tropical island of Bali on your honeymoon getaway.


With sunny picturesque days and tourist crowds reduced, September is the ideal time for lovebirds wanting to getaway to Bali. It is a popular time for outdoor activities like checking out the cultural temples, wonderful beaches, the Ubud Bali Swing and mountain peaks as well as surfing and scuba diving spots as the sea visibility is at its best. Even though peak and dry season is coming to an end with minimal rain, Bali still offers nine hours of sunshine per day in September.


Bali rainy wet season begins in October with an average rainfall rising to 60mm and humidity levels rising as the month progresses. It is still a great month to experience Bali as it is low season and hotel prices are quite cheap. Sea temperatures are still very warm making it enjoyable for water sports, however it is best to stick to land-based activities such as taking romantic bike rides around the rice fields or visiting the Instagram-worthy Ubud monkey forest.


November is very peaceful in Bali and much quieter than the summer peak season. However, the wet season is in full swing with increased rainfall levels mainly towards the end and high humidity levels making it uncomfortable to explore the incredible sites of Bali. Mountain climbing and trekking the Mount Batur is not recommended around this time due to the wet conditions. Even though it still not a bad time to visit, it is best to pack appropriate wet gear and an umbrella.


There is a high chance of rain showers in December with very warm temperatures and water visibility greatly reduced. However, even though the weather conditions are not as good many tourists do visit during Christmas and New Year. It is probably best to book way in advance if you are planning to visit around December time.