When is the Best Time to Visit Sychelles?

If you are keen to visit the Seychelles, you may be wondering when the best time of the year is to visit. While the weather is tropical throughout the year, the best months weather-wise are between April to May and October to November – which falls in the dry season and the sea is much calmer – perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and diving.

Do be aware that weather can vary depending on the island you’re planning to visit, so be sure to do your research before you travel.

Visiting Seychelles in January

January is the peak of summer in the Seychelles, with temperatures averaging 29°C. It’s a great month to visit for those who enjoy the heat, however, you can expect occasional rainfall and high humidity levels. Do bear in mind that is quite a popular month with tourists, so you may expect greater crowds than usual.

Visiting Seychelles in February

The wet season comes into play in February – so be sure to pack an umbrella and waterproofs if you’re planning on embarking on outdoor adventures such as hiking through the mountains or horse-riding through azure shallows. During this month, be sure to head to one of the many beaches to catch the sight of turtles hatching from their shells and wandering into the sea – it’s truly a sight to behold!

If you’re planning on visiting Mahé, don’t miss the 3-day International de Victoria carnival during the first two weeks of the month.

Visiting Seychelles in March

The Northwest monsoon season draws to a close in March, so you should experience far less rainfall and temperatures remaining at a very warm 29°C. Always be prepared for the occasional short, sharp shower from time to time though.

Visiting Seychelles in April

April is considered one of the warmest and month settled months weather-wise in the Seychelles. The likelihood of rainfall drops significantly which is ideal if you’re planning on spending your days relaxing on the beach, rather than physical activities such as trekking. It’s also the perfect climate for diving enthusiasts, thanks to the excellent marine visibility.

Visiting Seychelles in May

May remains hot, but with the southwest trade winds making an appearance, humidity levels remain comfortable. The steady breeze creates wild waves on the ocean, which draws in surfers from around the world, while water visibility remains crystal clear for divers.

Visiting Seychelles in June

The temperature drops to a more comfortable mid-20s in June. There’s a slight chill in the air due to the persisting trade winds, so be sure to bring layers if you plan on heading out in the early evening.

Visiting Seychelles in July

July marks the beginning of the high season in the Seychelles – so you can expect a significant number of tourists on the islands. While the trade winds are still in force, you can always take shelter on the beaches along the northern or western coastlines.

Visiting Seychelles in August

August is another popular month for visiting the Seychelles due to coinciding with the western holiday season. Be sure to book your trip well in advance if you plan on visiting during this month. The weather typically remains dry for the majority of the day, but southwest trade winds are still in full force, so be extra cautious if you plan on swimming in the ocean.

Visiting Seychelles in September

In September, the trade winds begin to diminish, but the temperature remains at a sizzling 27°C. As tourists start to disappear from the islands, it may be a great chance to snap up a good deal.

Head to the Baie Sainte Anne region in the 3-day Praslin Arts Fiesta, where you’ll discover locals selling goods such as arts and crafts and local produce.

Visiting Seychelles in October

October remains calm and dry which is one of the best months for water sports enthusiasts, especially those who wish to go snorkelling and diving. Under the water, the visibility is clear by approximately 30 metres.

Be sure to take part in the annual Festival Kreol – a colourful 6-day festival that takes place across several islands.

Visiting Seychelles in November

The trade winds switch from the southwest to the northwest during November and rainfall levels dramatically increase throughout the month. If you’re planning on partaking in water sports, you’ll be pleased to know that the sea remains calm.

Visiting Seychelles in December

December is cooler, with regular rainfall expected throughout most of the day. While this isn’t the best time of the year to visit weather-wise, it is always busy on the islands due to the festive season – so be sure to book well in advance.