The Middle Eastern country of Qatar is a delightful destination for those seeking a unique honeymoon. Occupying a small peninsula, Qatar shares its southerly border with Saudia Arabia and is otherwise surrounded by the balmy Persian Gulf. As such, there are a wealth of blissful beaches here on which you can recline following your nuptials.

You’ll land in the capital city of Doha, a buzzing hub of glitzy skyscrapers, shopping malls and world-class museums. Introduce yourself to the region’s creativity at the Museum of Islamic Art and pick up some quirky souvenirs while browsing the colourfully chaotic labyrinth of Souk Waqif.

Couples keen to explore can have their taste for adventure satiated with a thrilling tour into Qatar’s dusty desert. Speed through a sizzling sand safari, navigating giant dunes beneath a vast expanse of sky. You’ll eventually come to the breathtaking natural wonder of Khor Al Adaid – a sight which has to be seen to be believed. Have your camera handy for some stunning selfies with your special someone by this sparkling ‘Inland Sea’. Also, keep an eye out for resident wildlife such as the graceful Arabian gazelle and migratory birds such as the osprey.

One thing Qatar does especially well is food, so tantalise your taste buds to the local cuisine. Enjoy romantic meals in the restaurants that line Doha’s Corniche (promenade) or seek out less touristy spots in the smaller cities of Al Wakrah and Al Khor. Think machboos (a rich rice stew with shrimp, chicken or even camel), thareed (a stew-like dish, sometimes referred to as ‘Arab lasagne’) and syrupy luqaimat (deep-fried dumplings laced with saffron, cardamom and plenty of sugar). Don’t forget to sample a cup of inky Arabic coffee and toast the start of married life with a sweet and spicy glass of karak (Indian-style tea with milk).


When is the best time to visit Qatar?

Aim to visit Qatar between November and April when temperatures are less intense and evenings are cooler


What is the currency in Qatar?

The currency in Qatar is the Qatari riyal (QAR).


How long does it take to fly to Qatar?

A direct flight from London to Doha will take around 6 hours and 40 minutes.


What is the time difference in Qatar?

Qatar is 3 hours ahead of the UK (GMT+3).


What language is spoken in Qatar?

Arabic is the official language in Qatar, though English is also widely spoken.


Do I need a visa for Qatar?

British citizens are granted a free 30-day visa waiver on arrival in Qatar. For more information on visas, visit the FCO website here.



Qatar’s capital, Doha has daily average temperatures of 18 degrees. The hottest is July.

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Mar 18°c
Apr 23°c
May 28°c
Jun 30°c
Jul 32°c
Aug 31°c
Sep 29°c
Oct 26°c
Nov 22°c
Dec 17°c