5 Top USA Honeymoon Locations

The USA boasts of amazing honeymoon locations, with romantic cities including New York and San Francisco, to the more relaxed beach friendly of Los Angeles and Miami. The USA is a huge place to explore, so it can feel a little overwhelming to know exactly where to go, but we’ve compiled our 5 top USA honeymoon locations so all the hard work is done for you.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a special all in one island which offers just about everything in the form of breathtaking scenery, coastline golf courses, renowned beaches and beautiful coral to explore by snorkel. An immersion of wildlife, culture and history means the Aloha state is a worthy choice any couple wanting tranquility, adventure and everything in between. Hawaii is best mixed with a mainland city stay on honeymoon to experience the full spectrum of wonder that America has to offer. Whilst not as large as the big island in Hawaii, Maui is it’s smaller sister with the same aura, but boasting an extra level of tranquility.


New York

The City that never sleeps is a metropolis of towering architecture, which can be an exhilarating honeymoon for those who revel in the fast paced living of city life. World class shopping, nightlife and cuisine is forever a natural attribute of New York‘s vast urban landscape, which is marked by famous landmarks and buildings. A sublime city with complex and deep-rooted history, which can be discovered at the many museums, Empire State Building and of course the Statue Of Liberty. Hop in a yellow cab and let your adventure unfold, or  enjoy a glass of champagne and a romantic meal on the Hudson River. There is so much to explore in New York, it’s a concrete jungle and simply a stunning place to spend your honeymoon.


Los Angeles

Los Angeles is where the birth of Hollywood took place, from Beverly Hills to the inner reaches of the city, LA is nothing but star studded. Here you’ll find pinnacle levels of luxury in extravagant shops, nightclubs, bars and not to mention the fine cuisine that’s beyond belief. Hit the beach and soak in the sun of the beautiful West Coast weather. Visit the world famous Hollywood sign, take a star tour and see the homes of the rich and famous in all there grandeur. Los Angeles is for anyone wanting a diverse, but iconic honeymoon that has the best of both worlds with beach life and city life at the forefront of LA.



For the relaxing type Miami is high up the list, as you drift through your day under an umbrella on the beach, ride the tide on a private yacht, or head out to sea for a deep-sea fishing adventure. After the sunsets its time to hit the glamorous clubs, restaurants and bars, ensuring every day is encapsulated by a certain elegance and sophistication. The fine blend of diversity in the city is secured by the vast cultural cuisine, often influenced by Caribbean flair, creating a unique style of food known as ‘Floribbean’.


Las Vegas

The pinnacle of American nightlife is of course the strip in Las Vegas, which plays host to some of the world’s most famous casinos, hotels and attractions. From the water fountains of the Bellagio to the MGM Grand casino you can really hit the big time in the form of site seeing and partaking in the party lifestyle,  Vegas’ essence. Extravagancy is matched by adrenaline, which is always present at Las Vegas’ Stratosphere hotel where has theme park rides including Insanity, X-Scream, Sky Jump and big shot set amidst the top of the skyscraper.

The four mile long stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard is the hub of the cities allure and remains blessed with luxurious hotels, bustling nightlife and swarming with enticing neon lights. After the casinos and partying have a timeout and take a hot air balloon tour of Las Vegas for an aerial view or better still visit the Grand Canyon in a once in a lifetime helicopter journey.


The USA has always been an exciting adventure for a honeymoon and the country really expands options for the ultimate trip of a lifetime, where you can even mix destinations with a stay in Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean.